Our performance highlights are as follows

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Female borrowers (%age)

176 Thousands
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Active Clients

7.43 Billion
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Gross Loan Portfolio

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Recovery Rate (%age)

JWS Pakistan!

The JWS Pakistan (A Company set up under section 42 of the Companies Act, 2017) [‘the Company’] was Incorporated on 28 December 2015 as a Public Company registered under Section 42 of the repealed Companies Ordinance, 1984 (now the Companies Act, 2017) and is limited by Guarantee and not having share capital, vide license No.873 issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan [‘SECP’].

The registered office of the Company is located at 65-D Block, Executive Phase, G. Magnolia Park, G. T Road, Gujranwala. The Company obtained the license to carry out the investment finance services as non-banking finance company from SECP on 20 October 2016. SECP has renewed the license vide license No. NBFC-l/139/JWSP/2016-04 on 20 October 2019 to carry out the investment finance services as non-banking finance company for the period of three years. The said license is restricted to Micro Financing only as a non-bank microfinance company.


We offer the following Products and Services currently to our valuable customers/clients.

Karobar Qarza
JWS Pakistan “Karobar Qarza” is a product for low income individuals undertaking income generating or business activities for a variety of purposes. Karobar Qarza is a household..
Fori Qarza
JWS Pakistan “Fori Qarza” is product in which loans given to existing customer to meet them urgency household expenses like grocery, utilities, child education fee and medicine etc.
Community Food Support Program
JWS Pakistan is a socially responsible and proactive company. This caring nature has been an active ingredient of our policies and procedures from top to bottom.
SME Qarza
JWS Pakistan “SME Qarza” serves the increased credit needs of clients, who want to expand their micro enterprises to increase sale and turnover. Loans are extended for enhancement ...
Housing Qarza
JWS Pakistan “Housing Loan” is a product Loans are extended for low-income group to fulfil their basic housing needs including repair and construction, renovation and house expansion etc
Client Health Insurance
JWS Pakistan micro health care plan provides a reimbursement facility to their clients at all registered hospitals. Under this scheme a cover of PKR 30,000/ is provided at following in-patient ....
Zari Khud Kafalat Qarza
JWS Pakistan “Zari Khud Kafalat Qarza” provides to strengthen the economic base of the low-income farmers, through their increased access to easy and cost-effective financial services, capacity ..
Solar Qarza
JWS Pakistan “Solar loan” is a product to meet the energy requirements of the customers through provision of renewable energy resources. Loans are extended for home-based energy solutions
Client Life Insurance
JWS Pakistan provides “credit life insurance” to all its borrowers to minimize credit risk. This scheme is launched with the partnership of Adamjee Life Assurance Company. The scheme is designed...
Maweshi Qarza
Maal Maweshi is the integral part of rural economy. Maal Maweshi Qarza is offered for farmer, especially women to purchase milking animal for dairy business.
Auto Qarza
JWS Pakistan “Auto Loan” in which loans are provided to fulfill the automobile demand of the customers for income generation activities or personal needs. Loans are extended to repair and maintenance of auto-rickshaw....
Community Capacity Building
Capacity building is about promoting the ‘capacity’ of local communities to enhance and develop their skills in a way that helps them to effectively manage their tiny businesses/ enterprise....

Our Partners

We are please to work with our partners. Those who work with us include:

Last Update: 06/05/2024