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About JWS Pakistan Company.

Established in 1992, JWS Pakistan is a specialized Non Banking Finance Company (NBFC) and registered with Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP). Company has its head office in Gujranwala with branch offices in upper and central Punjab region.

Over the period of time, company has created a memoir of transforming informal economic activities at the grassroots level into small yet vibrant and viable enterprises. This has been made possible with our tailor made financial services to meet their capital needs and non financial services to help them steer their businesses with technical skills.

Company has well established standard operating procedures and multiple layers of check and balance to ensure smooth and seamless business operations at all levels. This standardization of operations and our increased transparency has attracted international investors and playing a imperative role in company’s success and development.

Board of directors and management of the company are committed to continue these efforts that give hope and bring prosperity in the lives of marginalized segment of our society.

Our Main Objectives :

  • To help the poor, the landless and assetless in order to enable them to gain access to resources for their productive self employment, to encourage them to undertake activities of income generation and poverty alleviation and for enhancing their quality of life by providing them micro-credit, vocational training and their capacity building.
  • To provide financing facilities with or without collateral security, in cash or in kind, for such terms and subject to such conditions as may be prescribed, to the poor and asset less persons for all types of lawful economic activities.
  • To undertake measurers to support the marginalized communities of rural and urban areas of Pakistan through motivation, social mobilization and advocacy on civil society issues like education awareness, health awareness, women empowerment, capacity building of communities and related organizations such as Community Based Organizations (CB0s) for poverty alleviation through economic activities, Human rights, environment and community physical infrastructures to make the communities to become self-reliant, in water and sanitation hygiene, agriculture, livestock development, small and medium enterprise development.
  • To provide all type of services required in organizational development, staff training, staff development, training needs assessment, training material production, development of training tools and methodologies, evaluation of training courses, effectiveness of training, training follow up to staff of the Company, related institutions, development agencies and others affiliated with the company for enhancing the capacity and role of staffs and related institutions in providing better and innovative services.
  • To train the women as agents of change for socioeconomic development and, generally, to identify, develop and promote opportunities for facilitating employment for the poor by channeling resources for providing them with credit, functional education, training for development of their skills and other help and assistance, as may be necessary.
  • To awake, educate, motivate and organize communities for their improved quality of life and living standards.

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