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Blow the Whistle

When to Blow the Whistle?

What is Whistle Blowing Policy?

It is a simple policy that is designed to safeguard your mother institution against various typed of risks and frauds. This is your moral and ethical duty to inform the management about the wrong practices immediately.


Blow the whistle, when you see the following activities happening around you;

  • Activists working with our clients,
  • Adjustment in recoveries being carried out,
  • Fraud of any nature being committed,
  • Cash collection being made without issuing receipt to the clients in the field.
  • Fine/ Commission is being charged from the community.

Worried About your identity?

No problem, you can still fulfill your responsibility by filling out the form below and your identity will be unknown.

If you are the Culprit Yourself?

Well it’s never too late, inform us about the issue yourself and you will be helped by the senior staff in solving the issue without any risk to your career. But, if someone else reports the issue about you, strict disciplinary actions shall be taken keeping in view the nature of crime.

How to blow the Whistle?

Simply complete the form available at the JWS Pakistan website and submit it after putting in the required details. You may also inform about the matter at the dedicated cell phone no. 0303-3255528

Monetary Reward:

Management may also award monetary benefits for the reporter, if the reported crime is of great concern and magnitude. Regardless of the reward, fulfill your moral, social and ethical responsibilities.