CEO Message
JWS Pakistan CEO (Qazi Shoaib Alam Farooqi)

Dear Stakeholders, Partners, and Dedicated Team,

It is both a privilege and responsibility to address you as the Chief Executive Officer of JWS Pakistan, an organization dedicated to changing lives and fostering positive transformation. As we reflect on our journey in Punjab province, I am thrilled to share the remarkable growth and transformation that our organization has achieved.

  • Growth Beyond Numbers:

    Let’s begin by acknowledging our remarkable financial growth, an all-time high active borrower base of 166,372 clients by the year-end. Despite of the economic challenges we faced, JWS Pakistan has not only maintained financial stability but has also experienced robust growth. Our portfolio quality remains strong, reflecting our commitment to responsible lending practices. We’ve successfully mobilized resources, forged strategic partnerships and secured funding to support our mission. However, I want to emphasize that our growth goes beyond numbers. It represents the empowerment of countless individuals and communities. It stands for the micro- entrepreneurs whose businesses have thrived, the women who have become economically independent, the families with access to better education and healthcare, and the communities that have seen development and progress.

In this regard. Empowering women is not just a checkbox on our agenda; it’s woven into the very fabric of our organization. A significant proportion of our clients are women, and their economic empowerment is one of our proudest achievements. We’ve not only provided financial access to women but also invested in their financial literacy and entrepreneurial skills. The impact goes beyond individuals; it extends to families, communities, and, ultimately, society as a whole.

  • Improving Employment Facilities:

    One of the ways we’ve transformed communities is by improving employment Through our support of micro-entrepreneurs and small businesses, we’ve indirectly contributed to job creation in the areas we serve. This is especially crucial in rural areas where employment opportunities are often limited. Our commitment to employment generation goes hand in hand with our mission to alleviate poverty. By creating job opportunities, we not only improve the lives of individuals but also enhance the economic prospects of entire communities.

  • Transformation at the Grassroots Level:

    Perhaps the most profound impact we’ve had is the transformation at the grassroots With over 9.5 billion rupees injected in the rural economies, we’ve witnessed individuals who were once struggling to make ends meet becoming successful entrepreneurs. We’ve seen families move from living hand to mouth to securing a better future for their children. We’ve observed communities come together for development initiatives, improving local infrastructure and social cohesion.

  • A Vision for the Future:

    As we celebrate our achievements, we must also look to the Our vision is one of continued growth, innovation, and impact. We are committed to expanding our reach in the adjacent districts of our operations during the year 2023-24. We will continue to invest in technology, process improvement, and the professional development of our team members to enhance our effectiveness.

I want to express my deepest gratitude to our dedicated team members, our partners, our clients and all stakeholders who have been part of this incredible journey. Your unwavering support, hard work and belief in our mission are the driving forces behind our success. Thank you for being part of the JWS Pakistan family. Let us continue to grow, empower, and transform.

Kind Regards,

Qazi Shoaib Alam Farooqi

Chief Executive Officer

JWS Pakistan