CEO Message
JWS Pakistan CEO (Qazi Shoaib Alam)

Dear Friends,

Year 2020 was one of the challenging and most demanding year during the entire operational history of JWS Pakistan. Covid-19 had badly impacted the economy and similar threats were being faced by the companies like JWS Pakistan. Everyone was in panic across the industry about the potential impacts in the short, medium and long run. However, the response from the management team of JWS Pakistan was different than the entire industry and so were the end results.

From the outset of COVID, the whole sector was in a state of panic and uncertainty; JWSP was in no way an exception to this. However, the team developed a comprehensive response framework keeping in view the hardships of the clients, staff and company in mind. During these testing times as well, JWSP not only retained all of her staff at full pay but was also able to extend its helping hand towards 3,900 families in the shape of food support program worth millions of rupees. This caring and helping attitude of the company helped in maintaining the quality of the portfolio and excellent come back that was recognized by the entire sector.

After the third Covid-19 wave, company is again working with full potential to offer micro-finance services to women, men and farmers from low income households in order to encourage them build their own businesses, abandon the cycle of poverty and take control of their lives. In addition to the financial services, JWSP is aggressively offering vocational trade skills to women such as domestic tailoring, embellishment and beautician work. Under our economic development model, access to finance is supported by the robust vocational skills, enterprise management skills as well as insurance coverage to support the life and health care needs of the family.

Going forward, company is looking to expand its outreach in south Punjab region with over thirty (30) branches in the region. This shall not only enhance our ability to reach out to masses but will also open up new opportunities for our internal staff for growth and prosperity.

In the end, I would like to openly acknowledge that all these remarkable achievements would have not been made possible without the tremendous efforts of the entire team of JWS Pakistan. I would like to thank all the team members and board for their tireless efforts and guidance in steering this great company forward.

Kind Regards,

Qazi Shoaib Alam

Chief Executive Officer