Management Team Members


JWS PAKISTAN Management Team consist of persons who have specialized professional backgrounds.

Ms. Warda Iqbal Chaudhary20210812004600

Ms. Warda Iqbal Chaudhary

Chief Operating Officer
Ms. Warda Iqbal is a dynamic and accomplished professional who serves as the Chief Operating Officer (COO) at JWS Pakistan. Ms. Warda has amassed around two decades of experience in the microfinance sector. Her remarkable career journey has been marked by a relentless commitment to creating positive change in the lives of underserved communities.
As the COO of JWS Pakistan, Warda Iqbal has made invaluable contributions to the organization's success. Her expertise lies in operational excellence, strategic planning and program management. She has played a pivotal role in expanding the company's outreach to marginalized communities across the Punjab province, ensuring that financial services and capacity-building initiatives are delivered effectively and efficiently.
Under Ms. Warda's leadership, JWS Pakistan has implemented innovative client-centric programs, facilitated financial access, and fostered entrepreneurial activities at the grassroots level. Her visionary approach to operations has contributed to the organization's impressive growth and impact.
Warda Iqbal is not only known for her operational prowess but also for her dedication to the welfare of clients, staff members, and communities. She has overseen the development of programs aimed at improving financial literacy, women's empowerment, and overall socio-economic well-being.
Mr. Muhammad Jamil Anjum20210812114848

Mr. Muhammad Jamil Anjum

Chief Financial Officer
Mr. Jamil Anjum is a distinguished financial professional serving as the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at JWS Pakistan, a prominent non-banking microfinance company. Over his extensive career spanning more than two decades, Mr. Anjum has emerged as a leading figure in the microfinance sector. His contributions to JWS Pakistan have been nothing short of exemplary. As CFO, he has played a pivotal role in shaping the financial strategy and operations of the organization. Mr. Anjum's expertise extends to financial strategy development, resource mobilization and regulatory compliance. Under his leadership, JWS Pakistan has successfully raised funds, forged strategic partnerships and developed innovative financial products tailored to the needs of underserved communities. His commitment to ethical financial practices, compliance with regulatory standards and talent development within the finance team has solidified JWS Pakistan's reputation as a leader in the microfinance sector. Moreover, Mr. Anjum's dedication to measuring and enhancing the social and economic impact of microfinance has significantly contributed to the organization's mission of empowering communities and fostering positive change throughout Pakistan.  
Mr. Muhammad Imran Dhillon20210812114350

Mr. Muhammad Imran Dhillon

Chief Business Officer
Mr. Imran Dhillon is a seasoned professional serving as the Chief Business Officer at JWS Pakistan, a leading non-banking microfinance institution. With a background in social development and an impressive career spanning over two decades, Mr. Dhillon brings extensive expertise in operations management and leadership to his role.
In his capacity as Chief Business Officer, Mr. Dhillon has made significant contributions to the growth and success of JWS Pakistan. He has played a pivotal role in expanding the company's reach, developing innovative financial products, and fostering strategic partnerships. His dedication to financial inclusion and empowerment has positively impacted underserved communities throughout Pakistan, aligning with the organization's mission.
Mr. Nazir Ahmed20210812114147

Mr. Nazir Ahmed

Manager Internal Audit
Mr. Nazir Ahmed is a diligent professional serving as the Manager Internal Audit at JWS Pakistan, a prominent non-banking   microfinance institution. With a background in auditing and financial oversight, Mr. Ahmed brings a wealth of experience to his role.
Mr. Ahmed plays a vital role in ensuring the organization's financial integrity and compliance. He conducts thorough audits, assesses risk, and recommends improvements to internal processes. His meticulous attention to detail and commitment to best practices have bolstered the organization's financial transparency and accountability. Mr. Ahmed's contributions are essential in maintaining the high standards of governance and fiscal responsibility that underpin JWS Pakistan's mission of fostering financial inclusion and socio- economic development in Pakistan.
Mr. Islam Gul20210812113857

Mr. Islam Gul

Manager IT
Mr. Islam Gul is a seasoned IT professional serving as the Manager Information Technology at JWS Pakistan. With a robust background in IT and a career dedicated to leveraging technology for social impact, Mr. Gul is a key asset to the organization.
In his role, Mr. Gul oversees the company's IT infrastructure, ensuring its reliability and security. He has played a pivotal role in the digital transformation of JWS Pakistan, enabling the organization to offer efficient and accessible financial services to underserved communities. His contributions have strengthened the company's technological capabilities, driving its mission of financial inclusion and socio-economic empowerment in Pakistan.
Mr. Muhammad Javed20210812113318

Mr. Muhammad Javed

Manager Finance & Accounts
Mr. Javed is a dedicated financial professional serving as the Manager Finance & Accounts at JWS Pakistan. With a strong educational background in finance and accounting, Mr. Javed has built an impressive career specializing in financial management and accounts domain.
In his role, Mr. Javed is responsible for ensuring the financial integrity of the organization and reporting as per applicable accounting standards. He manages financial transactions, budgeting, and reporting thus playing a vital role in the company's fiscal management. His meticulous attention to financial detail has contributed significantly to the organization's core values of promoting transparency and good governance.
Mr. Tahir Hussain Shah20210812112807

Mr. Tahir Hussain Shah

Manager HR
Mr. Tahir is an experienced HR professional serving as the Manager Human Resources at JWS Pakistan. With a background in human resource management and a career dedicated to talent development, he plays a crucial role in staff recruitment, capacity building, and management.
Mr. Tahir has extensively contributed in shaping the organizational culture and in drafting policies and procedures that have facilitated the workforce. Furthermore, his dedication to building a skilled and motivated team has been instrumental in ensuring that the organization continues to thrive while fulfilling its mission of empowering communities through financial inclusion and capacity building.
Mr. Khurram Hussain20210812112402

Mr. Khurram Hussain

Manager Compliance & Risk
Mr. Khurram Hussain is an accomplished professional serving as the Manager Compliance & Risk at JWS Pakistan. With a robust background in management consulting, Mr. Hussain has played a pivotal role in laying the foundations of the compliance and risk department. Department under his leadership has developed a comprehensive risk framework and accompanied threshold levels to ensure effective risk management. Mr. Hussain's expertise and dedication have been instrumental in fostering a culture of responsible operations, integrated risk management and informed decision-making through effective surveillance in all the operational areas.  
Mr. Nauman Maqsood20210716105545

Mr. Nauman Maqsood

Manager Operations
Mr. Nauman Maqsood is serving as Manager Operations at JWS Pakistan, a leading non-banking microfinance institution. With a strong field background in operations management, Mr. Nauman brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role.
In his capacity, Mr. Maqsood oversees the day-to-day operational aspects of the organization, ensuring the seamless delivery of financial services and capacity-building initiatives of the staff to serve the communities. His dedication to optimizing processes and enhancing customer experiences aligns with the organization's mission of fostering financial inclusion and socio-economic development in Pakistan.