Management Team Members


JWS PAKISTAN Management Team consist of persons who have specialized professional backgrounds.

Mr. Muhammad Jamil Anjum20210812114848

Mr. Muhammad Jamil Anjum

GM Finance & Accounts
Mr. Jamil Anjum is credited with being one of the founding members of this great organization. He has devoted over 20 years of his life and brought number of reforms in the finance and accounts domain. He has been central in developing and implementing IAF & IFRS standards across the company.During his tenure, company has achieved new standards of transparency, good governance and automation of several processes. Department is also tasked with managing the lifeline i.e funds management for the company. Mr. Jamil has managed this task very well and has always timely managed the funds flow as per the requirements of the business plan.
Ms. Warda Iqbal Chaudhary20210812114607

Ms. Warda Iqbal Chaudhary

Recruiting and maintaining enthusiastic workforce of over 700 employees has been central to the success of JWS Pakistan in many crisis. HRID department under the leadership of Ms. Warda Iqbal has performed exceptionally well. She has brought over 10 years of experience and been a key player in institutional reforms and good governance initiatives in the company. Department under her guidance has laid out career growth plans in various departments to ensure learning and development of employees at all the stages of their careers. Coupled with excellent rewards and incentive packages, department has been able to maintain a very good employee retention rate. Administration and procurement are additional charges being managed by the HRID wing.
Mr. Muhammad Imran Dhillon20210812114350

Mr. Muhammad Imran Dhillon

GM Operations
Mr. Imran Dhillon is an experienced micro finance practitioner and heading the Operations department of JWS Pakistan. He is a graduate of university of the Punjab and working in the micro finance sector since 2003. He has played a key role in development and implementation of strategic growth plans of the company and his contributions for the staff capacity development are highly acknowledged. Department is also tasked with product development, disbursement and collection of loans as well as keeping a regular check on the staff for compliance and quality control.
Mr. Nazir Ahmed20210812114147

Mr. Nazir Ahmed

Manager Internal Audit
Mr. Nazir is a senior audit expert with exposure of large number of well reputed organizations in Pakistan. After joining JWS Pakistan, he helped in further strengthening the internal control systems based on the audit investigations.
Mr. Islam Gul20210812113857

Mr. Islam Gul

Manager IT
Mr. Islam Gul is the founding member of MIS system being used companywide. Since inception, he has been central in enhancing the Information Systems of the company in a modular fashion. This modular approach has proved very useful as number of new modules have been developed and integrated with the parent MIS making it a mini enterprise resource planning system.
Mr. Muhammad Javed20210812113318

Mr. Muhammad Javed

Manager Finance & Accounts
Mr. Javed is working as Manager Accounts & Finance as well as Company Secretary. In coordination with the GM Finance & Accounts, he has been central in implementing IAS & IFRS standards across the company and enhancing transparency of financial transactions across the board. He is a post graduate of Haley College of Commerce with thorough understanding of finance and accounting standards. He is also a certified director under code of corporate governance 2017 of SECP by ICMA Pakistan.
Mr. Tahir Hussain Shah20210812112807

Mr. Tahir Hussain Shah

Manager HR
Mr. Tahir Hussain Shah has vast experience of HR recruitment specifically in the micro finance sector. Over the past he has played an excellent role in recruiting and retaining large portfolio of employees with above industry retention rate.
Mr. Khurram Hussain20210812112402

Mr. Khurram Hussain

Manager CRM
Mr. Khurram Hussain is leading the department of compliance and risk at JWS Pakistan. During a short period of time, he has created a talented pool of compliance and risk officers deployed at area levels to meet the challenging task. Department uses various key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess the level of risk and compliance in a quantified manner.Prior to joining JWS Pakistan, Mr. Khurram has managed advisory assignments of Asian Development Bank, World Bank and USAID in the domains of economic development, financial inclusion and institutional reforms.
Mr. Nauman Maqsood20210716105545

Mr. Nauman Maqsood

Manager Operations
Mr. Nauman Maqsood has been with JWSPakistan since 2006 he holds Master’s degree in Business Administration. He has almost spent 15 years with JWSP and had vast experience in the field of operations he started his career from the very grass root level and performed on different tiers. He has wide-range knowledge and expertise in Micro finance sector and he enhanced his professional career through implementing operational strategies and he stirred overall company’s business plans.